TV, Netflix, Etc.

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend! I’ve been really lazy today and yesterday after work. The week was pretty long. My son also had a long first week at school. He was placed in a dual language English and Spanish class. My son doesn’t speak a lot of Spanish. He understands it but doesn’t know how to read or write it. My son freaked out because he’s always been in a monolingual class. I had to meet with his teacher on Thursday. His two teachers and me agreed he needed to move to a monolingual class. He’s happier about being placed in an English speaking class. My grandparents and me speak to him in Spanish but he doesn’t speak a lot of it, much less read or write it.

As I’m sure you all have figured out, I enjoy watching TV and Netflix a lot. Last night after dinner, Andre and me decided to watch “Narcos” on Netflix. For those of you that have been in a long-term relationship or marriage, you and your significant other may have a favorite TV show you watch together. I think Andre and me finally found our favorite series, even if it’s only 10 episodes long. This mini-series is excellent, especially for those of you who enjoy action type shows.

“Narcos” is about the drug trade in Colombia during the late 70s and 80s. Pablo Escobar ruled the drug market in various countries. He and his business partners eventually smuggled cocaine to the U.S., especially in Miami. Although thousands were killed because of these drug wars, Escobar was viewed as a hero to thousands of Colombians. Escobar had so much money, he eventually began giving his money to the poor in Colombia. Schools and shelters were built for the poor with his money. Escobar also invested his money in various soccer teams. “Narcos” is also the story about the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency going after Escobar. The show is very good so far. We’ve only watched three episodes.

Another show I’m looking forward to watching on September 8 is Cake Boss on TLC. I’ve been a huge fan of  this show for a few years now. I enjoy several of the cakes he’s created. I’ve watched a lot of the shows on TLC and again on Netflix. I hope to someday go to one of his bakeries, most likely in Las Vegas. The original bakery is in Hoboken, New Jersey. That’s very far from El Paso! I might just order some of his baked goodies online. This may be a good birthday gift for myself :). My 34th birthday will be on September 11th. I plan on taking the day off from work and relaxing.  I still have a hard time getting over 9/11 happening on my 20th birthday. I was a sophomore at New Mexico State at the time. All of my classes were canceled. I didn’t celebrate my birthday much that day. 9/11 is one of those days everyone remembers the exact things they were doing. The day is still unbelievable after nearly 14 years.  Well everyone, enjoy the rest of your weekend! Until next time!


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