My First Crush

A couple of other bloggers did a writing prompt about their first crush. I decided to do it too. Ever since I was about four years old, I liked boys. I liked boys from school who were in my classes. I thought they were cute but I wasn’t infatuated or ‘in love’ with them.
My first actual and longest crush I ever had lasted three years. It started  when I was in sixth grade until the end of eighth grade. I was around 11 or 12 years old. His name starts with an I. He was in all of my sixth grade classes. I liked the way he dressed and his glasses. He always dressed nicer than the other boys in my class. He wore button down shirts with collars and slacks. He sometimes wore jeans but rarely wore tennis shoes.  We also had some classes together in seventh grade. I fell ‘in love’ with him when we were in classes together in sixth grade. They would say a boy liked you if he’d pull your hair or chased you outside. This boy did that to me at times. One day I found his phone number at school. I would get so nervous about calling him, I’d end up hanging up whenever he or his relatives answered the phone.
I would get so nervous when he was around me. My palms became sweaty. My heart raced and beat fast. My friends told me he liked me a lot but I wasn’t his type. I wasn’t his type because I was too quiet and I looked too young to be a sixth grader. I was sad when I found out he didn’t want to be my boyfriend. He instead went out with a childhood neighborhood friend and other girls in my class.
It broke my heart when I saw him at a seventh grade school dance with my former neighborhood friend. Did I get over him? No! I still liked him and hoped he would go out with me next. It never happened. He eventually skipped a grade and went to high school when I was in eighth grade. I eventually started talking to other boys to forget about him. I eventually dated other boys my age. The boys came around, especially in high school. It’s funny but he found me on social media years after middle school. By this time, I was of course over him. We continue to be Facebook friends. I like his statuses and photos from time to time. His daughter looks exactly like him. I’m really glad he is happy with his family and career these days. How could I not be happy for a fellow classmate?

Do you remember your first crush? What do you remember about him or her the most? When did your first crush happen?


  1. My first crush was way back in kindergarten. No joke. I’ve always had crushes on girls. Her name was Stephanie. My last crush (as in non-serious at all), never even kissed, was in 8th grade. We have seen each other a few times since, and talk all the time. I still definitely have a crush on her. We went out recently, it was great. Can’t wait to see her again.

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