Goodbye 33


Hello everyone and happy Thursday! I hope your day was better than mine. There were good and bad things about today. I had a VERY long day at work! On the plus side, I’m off tomorrow! Yay for a three day work week!
Another plus for today is that NFL football is back! The Dallas Cowboys play on Sunday Night Football against the New York Giants. This is the game of the week, well for me anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚
Another good thing that happened today is a new magazine in town called me! They’re interested in me writing for them! The magazine is about two of my favorite subjects…music and sports! The editor looked at my blog and enjoyed it. He asked if I’d be willing to write a column about music or sports, along with contributing stories. Let’s see what happens…
Today is the last day I’m 33 years old. Thirty-three was a good and bad year. A good thing is I got to travel to new places with family. We traveled to Houston, Orlando and Arizona. I’m grateful I was able to travel to Disney World with Andre and Jacob. It was such a wonderful vacation! We were able to stay at the resort. Do you know how many years it took before I was finally able to travel there? About 26!


Another great thing that happened when I was 33 was coming back to writing. Writing has been my passion since I was 6. I was tired of it for a few years but…here I am again! I’m glad I’ve been able to meet all of you as well! It’s nice to have an audience who reads what I write. I can’t thank you all enough!
The not so great things that happened while I was 33 was losing people who I thought were true friends. In a way it’s good it happened. People leaving is always a hard lesson for me to swallow. What can I say, stuff happens. It still hurts but I think it will get better as time passes.
Another plus was my family and me moved into our first home on New Years Day. We are still organizing it. Well guys, it’s time to go for now. I’m going to leave you with some more photos from Orlando. Until next time everyone. I will be back tomorrow or on the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚image




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