My Friday


Happy Friday everyone! I hope your Friday was good! Mine has been good! One of the best things about it was not going to work! The place gets me down a lot. I prefer surrounding myself in a fun and positive environment as much as possible. I had a good birthday with the people I love the most despite it being 9/11. It’s still very sad to watch the footage to this day. I watch it every year and carry on with the day. I will never forget it.

Andre took me out to eat twice. We just came back from dinner at Carino’s Italian Restaurant awhile ago. The food was delicious! I had a huge Bellini! I have to admit, I’m a little bit tipsy after drinking it by myself.


I also went to visit my grandparents because my mom baked me a cake. They had a couple of gifts for me too. After I took my son to school, me and Andre had breakfast, I watched programs about 9/11 and took a nap. Andre said I was even snoring! I doubt that’s true. It was also nice to receive calls and texts from friends and other family members. A thank you also goes to you all on WordPress. Here are some photos from today. Until next time everyone!



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