Dallas Cowboys Defeat New York Giants 27-26


Despite turnovers and losing wide receiver Dez Bryant to dehydration and a foot injury, the Dallas Cowboys pulled off their first win of the season 27-26 in Arlington.
The Cowboys defeated the Giants during the last minute of the game. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo threw a game winning touchdown with only seven seconds left in the game to veteran tight end Jason Witten.
The Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday. What an incredible, nail biting game this was! This isn’t the first time Romo and the team win against the Giants this way.

Despite losing Bryant for four to six weeks, I’m sure this will be another great season for Dallas. Although it’s still very early in the season, I see Dallas advancing very far again. I really miss running back Demarco Murray but life goes on. It’s unforunate he now plays for a team I dispise. I think Jerry Jones should’ve paid to keep him. He was a strong asset for Dallas. However, I’m thankful Jerry decided against Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice for obvious reasons. Dallas ended last season at 12-4. They were last year’s NFC East champions.


Photo from USA Today


  1. I know what you mean, especially during playoff games. It really wasn’t his fault last season. The refs were terrible in Green Bay (the last game the Cowboys played in last season). That game made me cry. Lol. Manning is getting up there in age already. I think he’ll be retiring soon. At least he’s won one Super Bowl.

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  2. He is one of the worst clutch players in big games I have ever seen. Like most quarterbacks, he is way more of a star then he should be. Mostly it is the way he chokes but everyone still thinks he’s great. Like Peyton Manning a bit, except at least Manning came through once in the post-season.


  3. Fun, and I know he’s good. It is the organization and Romo I despise. Doesn’t mean they aren’t talented. He was a later pick, however.

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