Hello everyone! I won’t say Happy Monday because it’s my least favorite day of the week. I try referring it as Motivation Monday even if it’s usually hard to do so. Today wasn’t so great but thankfully it’s almost another day.
My son got sick last night. He couldn’t sleep at all! He kept crying so I woke up with him throughout the morning and night. His head, throat and stomach are bothering him. He had a fever so I didn’t make him go to school. I had to call into work because I didn’t have anyone to take care of him. Andre had a test and my grandparents live on the other side of town. I stayed home with him instead. I made them lunch and made him take meds. I’m surprised he ate a little bit. I made him eat soup but he didn’t like it. I made steak and potatoes and he ate a little bit. The only thing he really wanted to eat was green Jell-O. We both fell asleep throughout the afternoon. This was pretty much my day.
I’m definitely not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I’m grateful I have a job even if I’m miserable most of the time there. Believe me I’m looking for other options. Just thinking about going in tomorrow makes my stomach churn. I know I just took a vacation a month ago but I’m ready for another one! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you for reading along. I know all of this will eventually pass. Have a good night everyone! Until next time!


  1. Thank you everyone! I took him to the doctor this morning. He has a throat infection. I’m glad it wasn’t strep throat though. I didn’t go into work again. I’m exhausted :/ It was another long night. I’m going to get his prescription in awhile.


  2. You have to vent and let it out- and I can’t blame you for feeling stressed and overwhelmed juggling all that! I hope your little one gets better soon and that you have a good day at work tomorrow and just a good day and week in general โค๏ธ

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