Cute Video of 6-year-Old Girl in Canada Goes Viral

If you’re on Facebook you might have seen the video this morning. Six-year-old Tiana pulls her mom aside after having a fight with her dad. She asks her mom to be nice and friendly towards her dad, although they’re divorced. She tells her mom if she can do it, so can she. She asked that her parents quit being ‘meanies.’ It’s an adorable video! If only the world was more understanding and everyone acted like this little girl? Check it out, it’s almost three minutes long. Society should learn a thing or two from Tiana. The video might actually make you smile a little bit or a lot on a Monday. 🙂


  1. I’m the oldest child of 7 and the only male. and only grandson on Mom’s side, too. I wasn’t the biggest of the family, but it was understood that my Nice side was a lot better than my former Marine Sniper side. Only had to raise my voice or my hand once, repeats were unnecessary out in the middle of country where we lived. Maybe they were afraid of getting lost forever in the backwoods.????????

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  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    We can always hope and pray.
    I never saw sense of adding to the pain of a split family, it helps no one, just makes all of it worse and punishes the real children for something beyond their control or responsibility.
    It only took me 10 to get 6 good hubbies for my Sisters, thankfully, they understood the nature of my Clan, always welcome as Adults, bad acting children over 18 get banned or tanned, no exceptions.

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