Sunday in My World


Hello everyone! I hope your Sunday was good! I had a pretty good one. Besides doing a couple of chores, I did a couple of other things.
I watched the Dallas Cowboys game this morning. I was disappointed on the outcome but oh well. I enjoyed eating tamales and menudo for breakfast. I live a few blocks away from a Mexican and international bakery. The two bakeries are on the opposite side of one another. Note to self: I really need to start exercising again!
After I watched the game, I started a couple of fantasy football teams for some of today’s games. I didn’t win or even get close to winning! I’m going to continue trying from time to time. I plan on buying some lottery tickets for Wednesday’s Power Ball drawing. The jackpot is set at… $301 million! I’d be happy with a couple of million, even half a million, any $ really!
I took my son to see Hotel Transylvania 2 at the movies this evening. We both enjoyed it very much. The movie made us laugh a lot! It’s a perfect movie to watch on or before Halloween. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing for Halloween.
My son already wants me to buy him a costume. He hasn’t made up his mind on what he wants to dress up as. In the past, he’s been Batman,  Spider-Man, a Storm Trooper and a Ninja Turtle.
We also spent some time outside looking at the moon eclipse.
How was your Sunday? Do you usually have Halloween plans? Did you see the eclipse?
Have a goodnight everyone!
Sincerely, NOT looking forward to Monday!
Photo from YouTube


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