The Weekend’s in Sight!

Hi everyone! I hope your Wednesday is/was great! This week has been extremely long and hectic so far! I had a very rough time with my son’s former school. I really hate dealing with such negative people…especially when they want to see you or even worse your child fail. My son’s (now former) school gave me a very hard time because he’s been sick and absent. My son had an upper respiratory infection recently. He had a ton of anxiety while going to this rotten school. He even had a very hard time sleeping at night. The vice principal enjoyed threatening to take me to court because he was out sick! She accused me of hiding and keeping him at home. My job as a parent is to do what is best for my child! My job is to protect him! Yes, I kept him at home because he had a fever and a lot of anxiety. All but two of his absences had a doctors note. She tried to get me to sign an attendance performance plan and I said I refused to do so! It wasn’t as if I took my son on vacation or a party, he was sick! I was in and out of the hospital and doctors’ offices! Another thing, the school nurse kept sending him home almost everyday! I’m still upset over the way they treated me and my son. I’m ready for us to move on though. The school was miserable anyway! His new school seems to be a much more positive environment, which is extremely necessary for children. Learning should be fun not torture!

My son struggles with reading a lot. He will be getting the help he needs
instead of complaints from teachers or principals! My child isn’t a robot! Learning has to be made fun for him. I’m glad he’s excited to be going to the new school. I hope he lets us sleep better at night going forward. Until next time! I’m almost ready for bed at almost 8:30.


  1. We went through something similar with my little brother so I can understand the frustrations as a parent going through a very unforgiving school administration. So happy you were able to give him a new start:)

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  2. WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM?!?! Don’t worry, you don’t have to say sorry or that crap the principal wants you to do. Mom’s make (as you said) the best for their childs. You know what? The Principal was a child that had no love ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I hope ‘brother’ gets better soon! Best wishes! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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  3. Did not see how your son’s an absolute darling with a way beyond kind heart and a very very talented and gifted human being? OH! I just want to go over there and raise hell! Them mofos!

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  4. Right! The principal upset me the most! I think the teacher would send him to the nurse to get out of helping him. I’m just very glad my son doesn’t have to go there anymore.

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