Chalk the Block

Downtown El Paso will be packed this weekend! More than 200 artists will create art on sidewalks and buildings using chalk and paint. Fifty artists will participate in drawing competitions. According to What’s Up Weekly, one of the street festival’s largest attraction this year is Laser Cat. The inflatable cat is making its way from Switzerland. It originated in Barcelona, Spain. Laser Cat shoots art out of its eyes onto a large screen. A DJ performs while the images are displayed on the screen. The presentation is similar to participating in a rave.
Argentine artist Maximo Gonzalez will feature an exhibit with more than 2,000 inflatable globes.
Local artist JAM! Martinez will paint on the El Paso Museum of Art. Check out a previous post I did on JAM! in my archives. JAM! owns an art gallery in downtown El Paso called Dream Chasers Club. He currently has Beetle Juice and Ghostbusters art on display. If the weather permits, I plan on attending the festivities. I’ll definitely post if I go!
Photos from Chalk the Block, JAM! Martinez.


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