El Pasoan Ranks as Top 10 New York City Street Artist


Werc Alvarez was named as one of the top 10 most talented street artists in New York City. A recent article calls these 10 artists game changers. Alvarez was born in Juarez, Mexico but grew up in El Paso. He lived in El Paso for 20 years before moving to New York City.

Alvarez said his art is based on inspirations that come from his time in El Paso. He said the art projects were created with the intent of dissolving all borders and forms of separation.

“A lot of my artwork deals with the border, the humor and nostalgia in immigrant cultures. It’s a fusion of that and graffiti,” Alvarez said. “I guess one of the messages is that we are a human family. There’s really no border. The borders are defined by political and economical factors but we live in one planet. It’s like living in a marble.”

Alvarez has several public works in El Paso. His art at the International Bridge on Stanton Street in Downtown El Paso is a 90-foot wall that’s based on the history, cultures and traditions of the border.

“Growing up on the border, you have to deal with… especially as an immigrant… you deal with an acculturation process. It’s always been really interesting to me to speak about that in regards to being from two cultures and having two different languages and how one word can mean so many things and how one symbol can also mean so many things, it’s so apparent when you have a background of multiple cultures,” Alvarez said.

The painting above was painted for Chicano comedian Cheech Marin. The painting was featured on Werc’s and Marin’s Facebook page in August.

To view more of Alvarez’s work, visit his website, Facebook page, Instagram page and Twitter. Click here to see the original top ten article.



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