Another not so Good Day!


The Cowboys did not play well today! They did not score a touchdown. New England was just too powerful. The Cowboys face NFC East rivals, New York Giants on October 25. I hope they have Dez Bryant after their bye week. It most likely won’t be until November. Romo is expected to return on November 22. Dallas falls to 2-3.

Photo from the Dallas Cowboys Facebook page.


  1. I agree with you. They recently got Matt Cassel as a quarterback. I’m not sure if he’s any better though. Judging by what I’ve read he isn’t. Thank Goodness they have a bye next week.

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  2. The pass rush for Dallas looked incredible today. The secondary not so much. Weeden is terrible. That 4th down miss in garbage time just proves it. The receivers weren’t on the same page, but most things were his fault. His pocket presence is abysmal. When Romo gets back and Bryant, I’m sure things will look better for your team before Romo blows it in an important moment.

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