Saturday Evening Interview


Hi everyone! I hope your Saturday is going well! I mentioned last Sunday I wanted to begin featuring a Saturday evening interview with a different blogger every week. Welcome to the first weekly Saturday Evening Interview! I’m always curious about the lives of fellow bloggers and what they are about. I also think it’s a great way to meet other bloggers and interact with them.

I was SO excited to do the first interview with one of my blogging friends, Lynn Swisher. Despite her extremely busy schedule of raising six kids (Lynn is a mother to nine kids), Lynn from Lynz Real Cooking was more than happy to do the first Saturday Evening Interview here on Life of an El Paso Woman! Her blog is one of my favorites on WordPress. Lynn writes stories about living in Saudi Arabia for 16 years. Lynn faced many ups and downs while living there. She also shares several of her very own recipes. There are SO many of Lynn’s recipes I have yet to try! Feel free to follow her if you aren’t already. Lynn and her blog never disappoint!  

Me: So how and when did you start your blog?
My oldest son told me to start a blog several years ago. He wanted me to write about raising 9 kids and living in the Middle East. I didn’t know what a blog was and I was too busy. This past July, my daughters started telling me to get all of my recipes in one place and so I agreed! 
Me: When did you first start writing?
I started writing poetry at the age of 10 and had a little poem published in a pamphlet/magazine. I quit writing and started singing at age 13. Writing has now become a part of my life again as I tell my story. I don’t feel I am a writer but my blog friends insist that I am! They are all amazing!
Me:  For those who don’t know about you or your blog, what is your blog about? I want to keep writing my story although many days I change my mind and think I will never write about it again. It is hard to look back but something keeps compelling me to move forward and speak. So, for now I will keep writing my story.I plan to keep putting my recipes up in one place. I don’t usually measure when cooking so it is great to finally write things down and not explain to others what a little of this or that means!
Me: If you had to describe yourself using one word, what would the word be and why?
If I had to use one word to describe me it would be –Mom!
Me: What motivates you the most in life and why?
What motivates me the most in life is trying to make a good life for my kids and give them every opportunity to be successful and happy.
Me: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I love to spend time with my kids as well as bake and cook. I also love taking pictures of nature, barns and things that are old! 
Me: Do you have any pet peeves in life?
My pet peeve is stuff being left around the house for me to trip over ha ha! You can imagine with 9 kids there are lots of things that get left around. 
Me: What’s one of the best things about your hometown and why?
My hometown is the place highlighted in the new video Downtown by Macklemore and (Ryan) Lewis, what else can I say? 
Me: What is a little known fact about you?
I am not sure if this fact is known or not, but I do mention it in my writing. I wanted to be a Jazz singer and that was my passion from age 13 to 22. 
I asked Lynn to share one of her amazing recipes. She decided to share her cream puffs recipe. Here it is below. If you are interested in being interviewed or guest blogging for Life of an El Paso Woman, please feel free to contact me by e-mail at: 
Lynn’s Cream Puffs


1 cup water

1/2 cup butter cut into pieces

1 cup flour

4 eggs


1 small container whipped cream

1/2 cup sugar


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

In a sauce pan place water and butter. Turn on medium heat and let the butter melt and the mixture lightly start to boil. Turn heat off. Remove from heat. Add 1 level cup of flour and whisk immediately. This should form into something thick.


Add eggs one by one and slowly incorporate

Do not mix, slowly fold.


when the eggs are lightly mixed in you can mix more vigorously.

Place dough by spoonfuls onto baking sheet leaving a space in between.


Do not open oven during baking time.

Bake for 40 minutes. Turn heat down to 300 and let bake for 10 more minutes.

Remove from oven and cool.

When puffs are cool, slice top off and take out soft middle, discard.



whip the cream and fill puffs.


Melt 1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips with 2 Tbs. butter. when smooth using a fork drizzle on top of cream puffs. Sift powder sugar on top.



Photos courtesy of Lynz Real Cooking



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