Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank you to my WP son,  Oy30 for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Antonio is a very talented artist at only 13 years old! Please check out/follow his blog if you aren’t already!

The rules:
Thank the person who nominated you.
Answer the questions from your nominators.
Nominate other bloggers and give them new questions to answer.

My questions to answer:
1: Have you seen HISHE’s YouTube channel? No I never have.
2: ☺ or ☺? Both!
3: What do you prefer, staying for one night in a creepy room, or one minute watching the sun? One minute watching the sun. I don’t really care for scary things.
4: Do you hate Gangnam style? Yes I do! I’ve always thought the song and dance are ridiculous in a bad way!
5: How did you met my blog? I think I met you at a blog party or meet and greet.
6: What’s your favorite singer/group? I have many favorites but for today I’ll go with U2. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this video here but I will share it again!

Questions from Me:

What is your favorite sports team?

What is your favorite candy?

Have you ever traveled outside of your country?

What is the weather like for you right now?

If you could only eat one meal for a week, what would it be?

I don’t do this very often but…I would love to nominate anyone who is interested in participating. Please feel free to participate in the comments section or by doing a post in your blog.


  1. Sure! When you go to get the link for the video click on share. After clicking on share, click on the second tab that says embed. Copy and paste that link on your page. Believe me it’s not a silly question.


  2. Amaya911 I have perhaps a silly question. I have gone to You tube wanting to upload favorite songs here to word press and can not figure out how to do so.. Can you please relate to me how this is done? And thanks ahead of time. Have a good evening.

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