Cowboys Lose Four in a Row


Oh I really thought they had the win this week but it wasn’t to be 😦 Matt Cassel, mmm. I don’t know if he’s any better than Brandon Weeden! I know I know it’s barely his first game so I hope he does better next week. How depressing! 😦 The Cowboys play Seattle next Sunday. This won’t be an easy one.

Photo from Dallas Cowboys Facebook page.


  1. The coaches don’t seem as mean as other judges like on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. There’s nothing else that’s good on the other channels on Monday or Tuesday anyway. My son even watches it with me.

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  2. I’ll be watching the Voice, with the game either in picture in picture or tuning in during commercials. When they get down to the finalists, it becomes more like American Idol-meaning it becomes more of a popularity contest. The best parts of the show are the buildup to the finals (blind auditions, battles, etc.), and the back and forth between the coaches.

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  3. You’re right. Matt Cassel looks better than Weeden. I really thought they were going to win though. Ohh tomorrow will be tough for you, The Voice and football! I’m starting to like The Voice!

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  4. It looked like a loss I’ve seen for my team this year. Just close enough to lose. Matt Cassel wasn’t all that bad though. He made some good throws for someone who hasn’t played in a while.

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  5. It was closer than it would’ve been with Wheedon. They will do good things down the stretch. Sadly for me, it isn’t too late for them.

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