My List of Top 10 Halloween Movies

OK OK I’ll admit it, I don’t like watching scary movies that often. I’m a little bit of a scaredy cat! Since there’s SO many movies out there, it was hard to only pick 10. Here is my list. Which movies do you enjoy and recommend for Halloween?

10. *The Blair Witch Project* I haven’t seen the movie since high school but I still recall the dark and scary woods. The camera’s movements made me a little bit dizzy. I remember the movie gave me a good scare. I don’t recommend the movie for children. However, if you and your significant other are bored, cuddle and watch it for kicks!

9. *Casper* The story has a cute plot and kiddie/puppy love story. OK, this one isn’t Β scary but it’s a fun one to watch with the family. The movie made me tear up a little bit.

8. *The Rocky Horror Picture Show* This movie makes me laugh every time I watch it. If you’re into musicals, you’ll either love it or think it’s ridiculous. To be honest, I thought it was stupid until I watched it a couple of times. I became a fan when I was about 17. The transgender and cheesy plot will probably make you laugh throughout. Let’s do the time warp! Anyone?

7. *The Nightmare Before Christmas* Aww a Tim Burton movie, need I say more? Although the title says Christmas, don’t be fooled. This is definitely a Halloween movie. This is Halloween!

6. *The Sixth Sense* The kid in the movie, well OK the whole thing still creeps me out and gives me chills. Let’s face it, the kid is on the weird side! The dark scenes and scary voices make it a good movie to watch during a date night at home. Keep this one away from the kids, especially if they’re younger than 12. “I see dead people.”

5. *Hotel Transylvania* I didn’t particularly care for the first one but the second part was great! The movie has a lot of jokes and great, colorful animation. Adam Sandler is a hilarious vampire. This one is a must see with the kids.

4. *Ghostbusters* I always enjoy seeing the colorful ghosts, especially the green one. Most of the characters are also weird, interesting and funny. This classic has become one of my son’s favorite movies. I don’t mind watching it with him.

3. *Harry Potter series* I love the magic and characters in all of the movies. However, my favorite of the series is the first one, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The movies aren’t as good as the books. I recommend all of them for the family.

2. *Beetlejuice* Can you tell I’m a Tim Burton fan? It wasn’t always this way until later on in my life. Michael Keaton is hilarious as Beetlejuice. This will always be one of my favorite Tim Burton movies. Can you believe they’re making a sequel after all of these years? Winona Ryder confirmed it on late night television back in August. I don’t know if it was a good idea to bring the classic back but I’ll be watching it. I didn’t know if I was going to stick with Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands for my second place movie pick. I decided to go with Beetlejuice.

1 *The Witches* I’ve loved this movie and book since I was about 9 or 10. Angelica Huston is an evil and ugly witch with purple eyes! The witches can’t stand children and they make it very obvious in this British movie. They’re out to get them all! The Witches was one of Muppets creator Jim Henson’s last films before his death.


  1. Nobody suffered that year worse than Duvall. Kubrick intentionally created a hostile atmosphere toward Duvall. Kubrick’s constant screams and demands made her so stressed that her hair began to fall out. She became physically ill from being yelled at too much by Kubrick, which, by the end of the shoot, qualified as a real medical condition.

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  2. Yes, Painkills2 mentioned The Exorcist and The Shining, I had completely forgotten about them. Both were really creepy and top scairy movies for their time.

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  3. I remember being all into scary movies when I was younger, it was one of my favorite things about the month of October…the scary movie marathons on TV. The Blair Witch Project was quite creepy, to say the least. I don’t watch those kinda movies anymore, though…way too much gore for me now.


  4. Rocky Horror Picture Show (not really ‘scairy’ but a rollicking good time), Beetlejuice, The Mummy (the original), Arsenic and Old Lace (the original comedy horror), Little House of Horrors (the original), Carey (the original – the last scene scared me half to death), The Nightmare Before Christmas (incredible ‘horror Christmas’ music and a wonderful story on many levels – truly pretty creepy and frightening) and The Island of Doctor Moreau (the whole idea just sends shivers up my back) are a few of my favorites.

    I never really thought of the Harry Potter movies as horror but, now that I think about it, that scene where the turban came off and the back of the teacher’s head was ‘He Who’s Name Cannot Be Spoken’ was pretty shocking and creepy.

    Unfortunately, I was never able to relate to the Blair Witch Project. I kind of thought the whole thing was inane and not scairy at all.

    Of course, these are just my opinion and reflect my own taste in movies. Arsenic and Old Lace was voted best comedy movie of all time on one list I saw.

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  5. Awesome collection and some of my faves are here. Thanks for the trip down a dark and clowdy memory lane as the wind whistles through the stunted, gnarly trees and blows gobs and threads of sulpherous fog under the light of a bulbous orange Halloween moon.

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