Gravity Hill

thunderbird-road.jpeg (600×574)

Happy Halloween everyone! Do you have any plans for today? I think me and Andre are going to watch Crimson something (Peak or Pike) and wait for some trick or treaters to come over. I’m putting some finishing touches on the front yard decorations. My son wanted to spend Halloween with my grandparents so I am letting him. We went to his school’s fall festival last night. He really enjoyed himself. I was really glad he did.

Gravity Hill in El Paso’s west side on Thunderbird Drive is said to be a spooky place in town. Although I’ve never been, it’s said that it feels like you are floating on air while driving in your car. You’re supposed to put your car in neutral. Another story I’ve heard is that small ghost children come and try to move your car away from danger. The legend says they leave small, dusty fingerprints around the outside of one’s car. Some say to smear baby powder on the outside of one’s car before going to Gravity Hill. This is so you can better see the children’s fingerprints. Some also say they’ve heard children’s laughter. It’s said that a school bus crashed there many years ago. I’ll let you know if I go sometime. Andre says he’s gone but nothing happened to him. Although he said it feels weird being in the car, he never saw any ghost children or fingerprints on his vehicle. Do you have scary, haunted places in your city? If so, where?

Photo from Kiss FM.


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