Cowboys Lose Seven in a Row


I have no words other than they blew it at the end. Maybe I should’ve cleaned my house or done something more productive instead. Bummer. I don’t even know if things will get better when Romo returns next week. I’m still a fan for life but I’m pretty bummed out 😦


  1. Sanchez did have to enter the game when Sam Bradford was injured. Sam was playing fairly well but apparently separated his shoulder and may also have suffered a concussion. Ryan Mathews also suffered a concussion while spelling Murray and that is when things went horribly wrong. Sanchez threw a brutal interseption when the Eagles were in position


  2. To be honest, I don’t know if the Cowboys will be alright even when Romo comes back next Sunday.I would like to think so but… they don’t really look good out there, both defense or offense wise. We’ll see what happens. I wish they would’ve kept Murray but now your team has him! He is doing OK but not as good as I thought. Didn’t they put Mark Sanchez in today? I didn’t see them play but I think I heard that during the highlights.

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  3. The only saving grace (assuming the Cowboys can right the ship) is the Giants lost again so the math still very much gives Dallas, Washington and my hometown Eagles all the ability to win the NFC East. If Tony R comes back strong they certainly have as much talent as these teams. The most troubling aspect about today was the Cowboys’ inability to get Darren McFadden going running the ball. Any kind of decent running attack…they would have beaten Tampa Bay. Bad loss indeed.

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