Saturday Evening Interview

Meet fellow blogger, Terry Siverly. Terry blogs about life and staying positive. Please take a look and/or follow her blog here. She has some interesting quotes in it.
Me: So, How and when did you start your blog?  I started blogging back in July. I have always loved writing and just jumped in with my family’s prodding.
Me: For those who don’t know about you or your blog, what is your blog about? My blog is about life, memories, growth, pretty much what hits me when I start typing away… I guess. My intent with it is to reach out to people and hope and pray my thoughts will help them on their journey in  this world.
Me: When did you first start writing?  I started In May but published my first blog in July of this year.
Me: What future plans do  you have for your blog? To keep doing it, to reach and bless as many people with it as I can, (also to) make friends along the way.
Me: If you had to describe yourself using one word, what would the word be and why? This is a hard one. One word to describe me. Passionate.  The reason for this is I am passionate about life and everything it has to offer. I never ever give up.
Me: What motivates you the most in life and why? I would say my kids. I want to leave them (with) my legacy. Life is good and you can do anything  you set your mind to.
Me: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I love all things paranormal. In my spare time, I love to roam old abandoned cemeteries and read up on the paranormal.
Me: What are some of your favorite things in life?  Pet Peeves? My favorite things in life is life. My kids, being outdoors, all things outdoors. Hiking, walking, being near the water. Pet Peeves. Oh boy, I would say negative people. Not that I am judging anyone. We are all guilty of being negative sometimes. Oh and drama I hate loathe drama.
Me: What ‘s one of the best things about your hometown and why?  Small town america.  Everyone is so nice.  We have alot of history here. Come visit sometime.
Me: What’s a little known fact nobody really knows about you? I have never felt that I was good enough in all aspects of my life.
Me: Anything else you would like to add ? I love the blogging world and will continue to do this.  I have been through a lot in my life and want to share with the hopes I can reach as many people as possible.
If you would like to participate in an interview or guest post here on Life of an El Paso Woman, please e-mail me at: 
Photo by Andre


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