The Fred Loya Christmas Lights Show

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and/or Thursday for those who don’t celebrate. I’m so full! I had plenty to eat at Andre’s mom’s house. We had apple pie and red velvet cake for dessert at my grandma’s house. Unfortunately, I have to go to work tomorrow morning.

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! In my opinion, it’s still too soon for Christmas! Oh well, what can we do about it? Tonight I’m leaving you with a video of the Fred Loya Christmas Lights show. The light show won ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight” last year. Their nine-minute display won $50,000. The $50,000 was given to 10 El Paso charities. I always enjoy taking my family to see this light show a few days before Christmas.

Fred Loya is the owner of a successful car insurance business that’s headquartered in El Paso. The insurance is sold in various states around the United States. The business is the 19th largest Hispanic business in the U.S.

The light show makes its debut tomorrow night. The show happens each Friday-Sunday night until Dec. 27 at 6,7 and 8 p.m. The light display includes more than 450,000 lights. The show is synchronized to various Christmas songs. One part of the display is even synchronized to Silento’s Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)! The song is extremely annoying but the light display makes it bearable. I hope you enjoy the video, everyone! Have a great rest of the day/evening! Until next time!

P.S. I hope you’ll join me on Saturday evening. I don’t have a Saturday Evening Interview this week, however… I have an exciting guest post by fellow blogger, Victoria Fisher-Cuthbert from Toyia Forever. Please take a look/follow her blog here. Victoria can also be found on Twitter under @toyiaforever. I’m always looking for interviews and guest posts. If you’re interested, please e-mail me at:


  1. Yea it was horrible, NEVER again! Hey you gotta start somewhere! At least you did that! I just need to get my son and Andre a couple of things, along with a few family members.

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  2. OMG, shopping on Christmas eve…. nooooo!!!!! I bought the first Christmas gift today…. yeah!!!! Have about 40 – 50 more to do… lol But, so what! I still want to enjoy that time and don’t let me getting stressed out!😃

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  3. Yes, it’s a fun challenge! I’m not ready for Christmas to be here YET! Lol. I did a little bit of shopping online yesterday. I’m proud of myself! Last year I was shopping on Christmas Eve! NO way am I ever doing that again! My son’s birthday is also in December.

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  4. I totally love it!!! It so amazing and together with this powerful Christmas song it is totally awesome. But as I said I am a Christmas crazy… lol
    So glad you want to participate! I love that challenge so much. Have a great Saturday, Amaya!


  5. It is! It’s even better live! It gets very very packed but it’s worth it. They let you take photos and walk around after the show. They even give you free hot chocolate and cookies. We usually put up a Christmas tree but no lights outside. I’m sure passers-by enjoy your light display.

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  6. That video is very cool Lisa. I can’t say I’d ever light up our house that much with multi-colored Christmas lighting but will admit we leave our simple, tasteful white lights up past New Year’s and refer to them as Winter lights at that point. Draped over our mid-sized tree and our decent-sized holly bushes they hopefully warm up passers-by a bit on cold January nights as we stretch the Holiday feeling a bit longer!

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