Christmas in 1986


Happy Thursday everyone! I hope your day was great! Today I reminisced about Christmas in 1986. What were you doing in 1986? Do you remember your favorite Christmas? I was five years old in 1986. There’s days like today when I miss being a kid. My family always told me not to be in such a hurry to grow up. Of course they were right about this. I didn’t have to worry about paying bills or other adult responsibilities. My parents gave me chores but it wasn’t a lot compared to being a parent and working a full-time job! Going back to 1986…

It was always great whenever Santa brought you all of the toys you asked for. I remember sitting on his lap at Bassett Center Mall and writing letters to him. It was always a nice surprise whenever he’d respond to your letter! I also remember my parents taking me to see the huge Christmas tree, Nativity Scene and lights at the San Jacinto Plaza downtown. Driving around the East Ridge Neighborhood was also a big deal when I was growing up. The neighborhood still decorates their homes with lots of Christmas lights and displays. My favorite house is the one that includes huge Mickey Mouse and Snoopy displays made out of wood. There’s also a house that decorates their house with Dallas Cowboys colors and decorations.

Some of my favorite toys when I was growing up in 1986 were: Teddy Ruxpin, Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbies and Etch-a-Sketch. I received all these toys and so much more in 1986. I never got tired of playing with Teddy Ruxpin. I always enjoyed playing his stories on a cassette player in his back. I wanted to collect all of his book sets. I was ecstatic when my parents bought me Teddy Ruxpin’s friend, Grubby. The duo came with a cable to connect them. They would tell you their stories together with this cable. Hopefully my parents still have Teddy and Grubby at their house. I’ll never forget Christmas in ’86! What were some of your favorite childhood toys?

I may or may not have a post for you all on Friday. Please join me for the Saturday Evening Interview. It’s going to be a good one!

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  1. Wow!! That is so awesome!! I gave most of my stuff to my little sister and Lord knows what they ended up doing with them after that.


  2. My cousin had it and Cricket even had her own chair to sit in that I think said her name on it. It was a folding chair like a director’s chair. Ah, those toys!

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  3. I also had a Teddy Ruxpin and my cousin who lived with me (she’s a few years older than me) had a Cricket doll – do you remember that one?

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  4. Yes they were great, fun memories. Aww poor you! Your son is my sister’s age! 🙂 I was happy when she came along too even though she was a brat sometimes. Lol.


  5. what great memories….I was 30 in 1986, I was pregnant with my son, bedridden trying to keep from loosing him….my mother came to live with us to help care for my daughter….so for Christmas 1986 I was 5 months pregnant….doing a whole lot of laying around…LOL I had a wonderful big fat baby boy in April 1987….thanks for making me think tonight…I even had to get out my calculator….LOL

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  6. 1986…let’s see. Home from college, on winter break. Showed my mother my brand new ear piercing that I got when someone stuck a needle through my ear lobe (my ear was numbed with ice and my courage was increased by a six pack of Coors)…anyway, I seem to remember it being a good Christmas. And yes, even at that age, there were toys I wanted, they were just more expensive then!

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  7. Great memories! Thank you for sharing! Hmmmm…. ’86? I was running around with a bunch of stink’n Marines, camping, and eating my Christmas dinner out of can. They were really great times, and I wouldn’t change anything! :^)

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