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Hi everyone! I hope your Sunday and weekend are going well! As for me, I’ve been lazy this weekend. I went out with some co-workers Friday after work. It was a co-worker’s last day and she invited me to celebrate. Let’s just say I had to recover from it all day yesterday. I got sick and stayed in bed the whole day. I lost count of how many shots and beers were bought for me. I’m doing a little bit of the same today except I have chores.

I plan on putting up the Christmas tree later today or this week. I asked Andre to get the Christmas decorations out of the storage shed so hopefully he’ll do it today. Happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate! It starts today through December 14.Andre is Jewish so I’ll probably buy him some gifts this week. He celebrates both because one side of his family is Christian and the other side is Jewish. It’s a very interesting combination.

Even though I had to wait almost three hours, my appointment on Friday went well. The doctor I went to is the only fertility specialist in El Paso. It took five months to get the appointment. The good news is the doctor said it’s still possible for me to get pregnant. I like the doctor’s positive attitude and good bedside manners. He said I might or might not have to go through in vitro fertilization. I have to take two blood tests and have the following test here. The tests will most likely be completed this month or next. I’m worried about having this test because of what I’ve read online. Some say it hurts a lot and others say it doesn’t. Everyone is different on pain tolerance so it’s hard to know what to expect. On Wednesday, I have to get an ultrasound. I’m going to keep you updated with my doctors appointments. I hope my experiences will help someone who’s struggling to get pregnant and may have lost faith. I always hope others will learn something new from my blog posts. Thank you to everyone who’s offered me kind words here and offline too! Until next time everyone!

Please stay tuned for some upcoming posts I’ll have on Shopper Lottie. I plan on doing a couple of posts about my favorite Christmas movies and a part 2 on my Christmas playlist.

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