The Epically Awesome Award

Awesome Award

Thank you to Being Me Presently and Chape for nominating me for this award! Please take a look/follow their blogs if you aren’t already. I enjoy their blogs very much!

The Award Rules:

1. I know you are awesome, tell us why.

2. You are my friends and tell us about others.

3. Be creative. It’s alright if you can’t be.

4. I have no questions to be fully answered but let yourself go here. Thank you.

I’m awesome because…let’s see.I’m pretty laid back and nice most of the time. I enjoy helping others if I can. The two bloggers who nominated me for this award say I am so we’ll also go with that. 🙂

Everyone I’ve met here on Word Press has been awesome! I’ve only gotten in ONE fight with someone in the nearly 10 months I’ve been here! I think that’s very impressive! 😀 Lol.

I’m putting up my Christmas tree later on today so I think that counts as being creative for today.

I’m nominating the following below for this award. The bloggers I nominated are some of the first followers and friends I’ve made here. P.S. Some don’t accept awards but please go and check out/follow their blogs if you have a chance. Congratulations to them!

Pain Kills 2 (My fellow blogger and friend in Albuquerque, a four-hour drive from here. We still plan on meeting in person. She’s from Houston.She shares her great photography skills and tons of great info. in her blog).

Thumb Up (She has very cool Internet stories and pics).

Cindy Knoke (She has an excellent photography blog mostly from her world travels).

El Lustrador  (Mr. Corrado wrote an autobiography about his life in Guatemala. He resides in California. He was interviewed here on Life of an El Paso Woman).

Rebirth of Lisa (Lisa Tetting is a great author and poet).

T. Wayne (The guy who got me into The Voice when I swore I’d never watch that show lol. He updates me if I miss something on Twitter. He blogs about music, his beloved Baltimore Ravens, etc.).

Romance Done Write (Vanessa is almost finished with her book. She plans on publishing it soon).




  1. See! You got hooked on The Voice…and to think until a couple seasons ago I vowed that I wouldn’t watch it either. But I got in league with a few people who wanted to watch it, and then someone asked me to write my opinions of the singers on Facebook and well…now you watch too!
    Thanks for the award nomination…I’ll see if I can squeeze this one in! My blog is becoming award heavy…my figurative internet head may swell with all this award love! And plus, it is something of a soothing balm after my team lost…again. Thanks…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Don’t worry about it I have been hearing ppl getting infollowed from others and myself and several ppl starting to send things and they are not getting sent.


  3. 1. I’m awesome because I know how to spell “awesome” correctly.
    2. I agree that the WordPress community is awesome, too.
    3. My creativity for the day is making this hilarious comment.
    4. And I accept this award on behalf of awesome bloggers everywhere. 🙂

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