A Classic!

Ahh! Christmas is only 13 days away! I still need to finish shopping! I’m usually not into Christmas as much as this year. I know I’ve done a lot of Christmas posts here already and I still have a few more. This song and others make me laugh every year. Do any make you laugh? Which do you like and/or dislike?


  1. That one always gets played here around Christmas time! Thank you!
    “It’s Christmas time in Hollis Queens/Mom’s cookin’ chicken and collard greens/Rice and stuffing macaroni and cheese/And Santa put gifts under Christmas trees!”

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  2. I had it on CD! I love that U2 song too! U2 is one of my all time favorite bands. That’s a good song choice you have. I haven’t seen Elf in years! It’s a hilarious movie.

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  3. Loved this one forever. I got my mom the album A Very Special Christmas in the 80’s sometime on cassette! This one was on it, and one of my favorites! Very sad about Jam Master J! He was one of the DJ’s who DJ’d when that kind of thing took skill. Even in this one there is a sweet breakdown scratch he does.
    I also liked Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) the U2 version on that album though it doesn’t make me laugh like this one.
    My favorite Christmas song though isn’t really a Christmas song except because of Elf and that’s Baby It’s Cold Outside.

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