Christmas Challenge Day 5

Hi everyone! Today is day 5 of the 12 days of Christmas Challenge for me. I’m supposed to write a list of what I want for Christmas. There’s still lots of time to participate in this challenge! Please see Day 1 or 2 for the rules and challenge list if you’re interested. What’s on your Christmas list?

  • I would love if the Dallas Cowboys won another game or two. It would really be awesome if they made it to the first round of the playoffs. *Note: This is me daydreaming like usual.
  • The latest Weeknd album, Beauty Behind the Madness. Here’s a couple of the songs from the album.

  • Another pair of black, gray or brown boots. I have a couple of pairs but I would like some flat riding boots.


Boots are from Nine West
  • A job where I’m happy the majority of the time. As I’ve mentioned before, I would like to start writing again for a living. I work at a newspaper that’s owned by the same company as USA Today. I’ve always wanted to go back to the newsroom. I would either like to work as a reporter again or write for different publications. Santa, I can wait until early next year for this gift if necessary.
  • Last but definitely not least, continued good health for me and all of my loved ones.



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