Day 8 Christmas Challenge

Hi everyone! I hope your day is going well! Today is day 8 of the Christmas challenge for me. Today calls for a Christmas tradition in my city or country. I’m going to include some popular Christmas light displays here. What Christmas traditions does your city and/or country have?  

The most popular light displays in El Paso are: Cleveland Square in Downtown, the East Ridge neighborhood in the East Side (the best part of town if you ask me, this is where I grew up), the lake lights at Ascarate Park/Lake, the Fred Loya House and the lighting of the luminarias on Scenic Drive.

Cleveland Square

Cleveland Square is the place where El Paso celebrates the city’s Christmas tree lighting and parade. Another parade is held in nearby Horizon City, an El Paso suburb. A live Christmas tree lighting ceremony was previously held in downtown’s San Jacinto Plaza. Renovations are underway so Cleveland Square is a temporary spot.

Cleveland Square
Cleveland Square. Photo from El Paso Times.

East Ridge

The East Ridge neighborhood in El Paso’s East Side has been around 56 years. About 60 homes decorate their homes with lights and Christmas fixtures. People drive around the neighborhood to take everything in.

east ridge
An East Ridge home! Photo from


Ascarate Lake Lights

Due to city budget cuts, the Ascarate Lake Lights were a thing of the past for five years until this year. I remember my parents taking me and my sister when we were kids.

The Fred Loya House

This one is becoming a newer family tradition for many El Pasoans. I did a post about this one last month. Check it out here:

Scenic Drive. Photo from El Paso 411.

Luminarias on Scenic Drive 

Every year, 4,000 luminarias are lit the Saturday before Christmas Day. The paper bag lanterns contain a candle set with sand. Scenic Drive is where one goes to get a great view of the city. Some walk or jog while others take a drive. Scenic Drive is A.K.A. make out point.


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