It’s A Snowman Challenge!

I like Johnna’s snow people more! I say she won the challenge! Check it out!

All Things Chronic

Lisa (from Life of an El Paso Woman) and I are competing for the Best Snowman. It’s a match between Texas and New Mexico, and you can find her entry (Chico Jr.) here:

Albuquerque didn’t get as much snow as El Paso, and while I tried to make balls out of the snow, they wouldn’t stick together. I’m like, is this how snow is supposed to behave? I don’t think so. Obviously, here in New Mexico, we have alien snow. (Roswell, New Mexico is a famous alien site.)

So, I had to use my imagination.  First, I tried to draw a snowman:

DSC09508 (2)

Obviously, I can’t draw. Then I tried to use props:


Does that look like a snowman to you? Okay, maybe not…


See, my snowman is very, very tired (because insomnia), so he’s laying down…

DSC09545 (2)

…and smoking some leaf. (Lucky dude.)

And here is Snowgirl:

DSC09553 (2)

She’s getting ready to…

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