Snowman Challenge


Fellow blogger and friend Johnna from All Things Chronic lives four hours away from me in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It snowed quite a bit there yesterday. She challenged me to build a snowman. Let’s be on the lookout for her photos! I’ll also be reblogging what she posts. Guys, this is in NO way my best but I couldn’t hangout in the cold for a long time. Not that it really matters now but the Dallas Cowboys are also playing right now. Guess who’s still watching the game on TV? Anyway, here’s Chico Jr. Chico is the El Paso Chihuahua’s mascot (the one on the cap). The Chihuahuas are a minor league baseball team here. They’ve been around for two seasons now.

Here’s a couple my uncle sent me. My son stayed with my grandparents. My uncle and son built a GREAT snowman! 




  1. Hahaha I wanted to thank you for the lovely snow we got yesterday! I laughed so much, I guess some gifts are really meant to be 😀 ❤

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  2. I’ll admit that I thought about trying to make some breasts for Snowgirl… it’s not as easy as it sounds. Maybe our next challenge can be pornographic snowmen. 🙂


  3. I don’t know. It’s the top one yours? He looks very worried. Does he have some pressing, or maybe depressing, issues on his mind? One thing that might be bothering him is he doesn’t have a wee-wee. Johnna’s doesn’t either. I shouldn’t talk, though, since it’s been 70 degrees in the mountains of North Carolina after being in the 20’s two weeks ago. We had about three flakes of snow, then poured buckets the next two weeks, then the day after Christmas got sunny and hot. No snow people here!

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  4. Yes it’s expected to come Monday morning!:)
    Sadly, it was tragic what people had been through due to tornado, we were at the mall and I see no one rushing and felt like we don’t take these warnings seriously when we should

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  5. Wow, he’s so cute! Great photo, especially with your website’s snow moving over it. But the head looks a little precarious… How did you get it to stay up there? I tried to pile the snow, but it wouldn’t stick together. (Must be alien snow, for what else would you find in New Mexico?) Ya’ll got a lot more snow than we did, so I’m not sure how fair this contest is but… Challenge accepted! 🙂

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