The Hateful Eight


It’s of course a signature Quentin Tarantino film with all of the blood, gore and violence however… this by far didn’t make my list of favorite Tarantino movies. The story dragged on much longer than needed. I’ll admit it, the movie made me chuckle here and there. However, it just wasn’t worth the three hours I lost! I’ll happily stick around for hours when a great story is being told but unfortunately this story wasn’t worth it. Although there was a great cast of characters, it didn’t really save the movie that much. Samuel L. Jackson (Major Marquis Warren or The Bounty Hunter) and Channing Tatum (Jody Domergue) were my favorite actors in the film. You know an actor is good when he can play a good or bad guy equally well.

I really despised Jackson’s role. Although the major didn’t start off being mean or violent, he eventually was! To be honest, I’m glad Jody eventually comes along. Jody was trying to rescue his sister, Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Daisy was a fugitive who was scheduled to be hanged. John Ruth a.k.a. The Hangman (Kurt Russell) held her captive until he died of coffee poisoning.

The grossest part of the movie was when Jody shot The Bounty Hunter in the huevos (the testicles). Another disgusting part of the movie was when some of the characters drank poisoned coffee. The men get so sick, they begin the projectile vomiting of blood and drop dead.

The Hateful Eight sort of felt like a bad sequel for Django Unchained. However, it was its own movie. If you like Django Unchained or Kill Bill like myself, be prepared for disappointment if you watch this one. You’re better off watching the latest Star Wars movie for the first time or another.

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