Goodbye Dallas Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys had their worst season since being owned by Jerry Jones. They finished 4-12 this year. They actually had a couple of chances to make it to the playoffs. They blew that opportunity more than once. You don’t have to hear about them or their games here on Life of an El Paso Woman for a few months!

I was busy cleaning my house, doing laundry and celebrating my grandmother’s 81st birthday so I didn’t see the whole game. To tell you the truth, I feel relieved this season is finally over for them. They had several injuries and weren’t playing their very best game. I predict the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots playing at this year’s Super Bowl.

Photo from Facebook


  1. Aww lol. That’s a good one! I guess they’ll do alright for the draft. They get the 4th pick.Good luck to your Broncos. They’re looking pretty good. I thought Manning was going to retire. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


  2. As a Broncos fan, I’m cautiously – very cautiously – optimistic. I think the four lower seeds are all dangers to the top two teams in the AFC.

    I posted on Facebook, innocently enough, a question: What are we, without hope?

    The answer, from multiple sources: Cowboys fans.


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