Some Thoughts About Natalie Cole

This is a great post! RIP Natalie Cole. This is one of my favorite blogs! Please check it out/follow along!

A Joyful Process

Making preparations for the wedding, the bride-to-be suggested that we make a mix CD of love songs that we both enjoyed. Given my love for music, I figured this was a worthy challenge; not only picking the songs, but also figuring out which ones should be included, and what would fit the nearly 80 minutes of run time on a CD. I remember it being a fun game as the two of us went through song after song, until we finally settled on the ones we thought best. I can’t remember all the songs we picked, but the three I do remember: “You’re All I Need To Get By,” by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell; “When I Said I Do,” the Clint Black/Lisa Hartman Black song that was covered by then-married couple Kenny Lattimore and Chanté Moore; and “Inseperable” by Natalie Cole.

I fought hard to include Cole’s song; I…

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