Rest in Peace David Bowie


I’m sure you heard about David Bowie losing his battle with cancer at the age of 69. David Bowie passed away peacefully while he was surrounded by his loved ones yesterday. I was pretty sad when I saw the news online this morning. I first heard of David Bowie in 1986 when the movie Labyrinth was released. Even though the movie has always been weird (in a wonderful way of course), it was still one of my favorite childhood movies at age 5. I never got tired of watching it on video or cable. I remember me and my mom always watching it. The movie always made us laugh. After my sister was born, I’d watch the movie with her and my parents years later. David Bowie was a music pioneer and renaissance man. He wasn’t afraid to express who he was as a person and musician. I admired this about him very much.

I didn’t really become familiar with his music until I was I was a teenager. Some of my favorite songs are “Fame”, “Let’s Dance”, “Space Oddity” and “China Girl”.

My favorite David Bowie quote is “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” We can definitely say he lived up to this quote.

Rest in peace David Bowie. I promise to keep listening to your music and introduce my son to it. I’m glad they still play your songs on the radio here. My son’s interested in watching Labyrinth.

Photo from David Bowie News


  1. The Goblin King. I was mesmerized by him from the first moment he came onscreen in Labyrinth. That was also the first place I really “discovered” him and have loved him since. Was so sad when I heard the news today. First thing I heard this morning when I woke. Gone but never forgotten.

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