Former El Pasoan Gets Sir Mix A Lot’s Old Cell Phone Number

You might have already heard about former El Pasoan Jonathan Nichols in news headlines this week. That’s because he got 90’s rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot’s old phone number at a Verizon store a few years ago. Mr. Anthony Ray a.k.a Sir-Mix-a-Lot is world famous for his song “Baby Got Back.” I found Jonathan on Facebook a few days ago but he did not return my message. I’m sure he’s really busy with interviews and appearances with the BBC, The Seattle Times and maybe even the Ellen Degeneres show! Come to think of it, I think I knew him back when I was a student at New Mexico State 11 years ago. I’m not too sure though. I’m not even sure if he attended NMSU but he kind of looks familiar. His last name also sounds familiar to me.

Jonathan participated in a radio interview on El Paso’s Power 102 FM on Thursday morning. In the story below, Jonathan describes the racy photos and texts he’s received from women who thought they were reaching Sir Mix-a-Lot. He received calls and texts to go test drive luxurious cars. Jonathan was constantly being invited to VIP events. He didn’t accept the offers because he’s an attorney with Magnolia and Associates in the Seattle area.


  1. Oh! Ha ha! I’m sure it was pretty annoying and worrisome at the same time. I think I would’ve asked if I could change the number even if it was my work number.


  2. Oh wow that’s crazy! So did you eventually change the number? Lol. I remember when I lived in New Mexico they got another area code. It was only 505. They then added 575.


  3. Back when I was working in Southern Maryland, I got the phone number for the Maryland Pilot’s Association, as in ship’s pilots who lead ships up the Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore. Actually, Maryland had recently split into two Area Codes. Their area code changed from 301 to 410. I got their number with the 301 area code. I would regularly get telephone calls from ships coming into the bay looking for a pilot. I would tell them to use the new area code. It worried me that they would be calling in the evening and weekends, so I changed message recording to include, “If you are calling from a ship and looking for a pilot, call the number with the 410 area code. I’m sure the ships appreciated that, but everyone else said, “What?”.

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