Saturday Evening Interview

Steve McPherson from Steve Says and Talk About Pop Music.
Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going well! Today I have blogger and online radio show host Steve McPherson! Steve recently began a weekend online radio station and program. Steve took time to talk with me about his two blogs, new radio program, music and his native Scotland. You can take a look at his two blogs, radio program and/or social media by clicking on the provided links. Let’s give Steve a warm welcome here on Life of an El Paso Woman! 
Me: Tell us about your blog/blogs. How long have you been blogging? 
I started in September 2013 and I really didn’t expect it to last very long. I have a habit of being all excited about something one minute and losing interest very quickly. I started it because I loved making videos, taking photos and trying to make people laugh and I just wanted some kind of platform to show this and one night the penny just dropped – start a blog. I really wish that I had done it years ago.
I remember getting my first like and comment that very same night and the following day I posted a photo in the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge and I was getting a lot of feedback. That was it – I was hooked on blogging from that point!
Initially (and probably still) I write about random stuff and there’s no real theme but it was soon obvious that I was writing a lot of music posts so I started a separate music blog which has now become – I love it. My ideal career choice when I was growing up was to be a music journalist so I guess if I wanted to say that I’d achieved that in some sort of way then I could 🙂 is still very random but could be themed as a lifestyle,popular culture, news & entertainment humorous blog with photos. Catchy – isn’t it? has music news, views and reviews. It’s got playlists, trivia, then & now, Eurovision – basically anything to do with music that I like. It’s my passion!
Me: When did you come up with an online station? What made you come up with this great idea?
Again, one of my many crazy ideas and in this day in age with technology the way it is, fulfilling these crazy ideas is much easier. I love sharing music with people and radio just seemed the obvious way to do this in real time. I didn’t expect it to be as successful as it has been in only two weeks of being on air. The “request show” is the area I want to mainly focus on at the moment as I simply don’t have time to do everything that I want to do all at once. All in good time!
Me: What kind of music can listeners expect to hear on your station? When is your station online?
The “request show” will be a live show each week where listeners can request a song, promote their blog and listen to me ramble on while they engage with other listeners. It’s a whole lot of fun and awesomeness! When I’m not doing a live program, there will be music playing all the time – new pop, old pop, dance pop, chill out pop so if you just want music to listen to while you are writing that latest blog post – tune in!
Me: I know your day job is in IT. Would you ever think of becoming a full-time blogger and/or online DJ? Why or why not?
I would absolutely love to do that if it paid the bills. At the moment it’s only a “brilliant hobby” but who knows what the future has in store. Also, I’m quite lucky because I actually love my job too!
Me: You’re from Scotland. In your opinion, what would make people want to visit your country? What’s unique about it?
The people, the scenery and the history. I can’t travel 5 miles without passing a 500 year old castle, green hills and meeting the friendliest people in the world.
Me: What’s one word that describes who you are and why?
Dreamer! I love daydreaming whether it’s fantasizing or planning more crazy ideas.
Me: What can readers and listeners expect from your blog and online station this year?
More of the same really but hoping I can make it even better and reach more people. I’d love to do interviews with music artists on the radio show and have guests and have live performances and report from Eurovision and and and…told you I’m a dreamer and get carried away with myself!
Me: What sets you apart from other web sites?
Hopefully I come across with some humor and I don’t take myself too seriously.
Me: What are your favorite kinds of music? 
Pretty much all types. Not too keen on heavy metal and probably my favorite genre is indie-pop music. I love a good jingly, jangly guitar band!
Me: Who’s someone you’d want to see live in concert and why?
Well I’ve achieved seeing the Queen Of Pop, Madonna so now I just have to see the Princess Of Pop – Kylie Minogue. I grew up with her music as I discuss in more detail in my post My Journey With Kylie Minogue.
Me: If you aren’t working, blogging or working on your station, what are you doing?
Drinking wine haha. No, I like going to the theatre, out for a nice meal with friends or just generally chilling out with Greg and the cats.
Me: Are you on social media? If you are, where can people find you?
Sure @stevesays2014 is my Twitter.
Me: Anything else you would like to add?
Hmmm, I hope people continue enjoying what I write and keep tuning into the radio and let’s all just have fun!
If you would like to be featured in an interview here on Life of an El Paso Woman, please contact me at: You can also find me on Twitter @lma911. 


  1. That is an amazing interview! I totally understand Steve that he would love to do only blogging and his radios show… if it would only pay the bills… same over here with writing. You conveyed a wonderful picture of a person who is doing with all his heart what he loves to do! Great interview! And keep it up, Steve!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool interview. I love that Steve wanted to be a music journalist and he’s fulfilling that dream through blogging – inspirational 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great! I enjoy them! 🙂 His radio program sounds good too. I haven’t had a chance to listen to his request show because of our time difference. I plan to hear it sometime.


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