Organization Helps Find Missing Adults, Children with Disabilities

Jay-on-hike-1m.jpg (3264×2448)
Jay, Erin & Bruce Wilson’s 13-year-old autistic son, wears a patch created on the If I Need Help web site before hiking. Photo from the If I Need Help web site. 

Unfortunately, you probably hear about missing adults and children often. The good news is If I Need Help can help several families locate their missing loved ones nationwide or even internationally.

Erin and Bruce Wilson started If I Need Help in 2012. The Los Angeles couple founded the non-profit organization after their 13-year-old autistic son Jay went missing from school and camp twice.

“He (Jay) is active and mostly happy. He is very low verbal which can make it frustrating knowing what he wants and feels, Erin said in a recent interview with Life of an El Paso Woman.”

Erin said around 9,000 participate in If I Need Help so far. Anyone who has access to a computer, tablet or smartphone can sign up. This works well if someone has a loved one who cannot communicate well. The organization helps those who are unable to self advocate. Those afflicted with: Down Syndrome, Autism, brain injuries, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia should have family members sign them up.

They can be signed up for free at: First, a profile must be created on the web site. This will include contact information,etc. An ID patch, pin, etc. with a QR code will also created on the web site. This will be worn by the child or adult who’s at risk for being lost. Although signing up is free, a patch or pin can be purchased for $2 and up. The web site offers a wide variety of products for sale. If the child or adult is lost, their QR code needs to be scanned or entered by whoever finds them. A smartphone, tablet or computer will be needed for this. The organization also has an international network available. As long as there’s Internet, the service will work. Loved ones of the lost will be contacted via email or phone.

“This gives everyone peace of mind. We have a handful of success stories we know about, Erin added.”

Erin said the organization continues to reach out to Spanish speaking communities. Her organization also helps with setting up new email addresses and accounts. In order to reach out, members of the organization attend resource fairs across the country. For more information, call If I Need Help at 661-524-6732. They can also be found on Twitter @QRCodeiD1 or Facebook



  1. That is a wonderful idea and truly sets the mind at peace. Such a relief for parents. I know some cases of autism and the worst are those when the kids just run away.


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