MLK Edition – The 2016 Version

I really enjoyed this post so I wanted to share it with everyone. Today is the day to do so.

A Joyful Process

[I originally wrote this post last year; I’m updating it and re-posting it this year.]

On Friday morning, Martin Luther King, Jr., if he hadn’t been assassinated, would be 87 years old.

I wonder what he would think about certain things. Such as:

  • would he hashtag any of the social causes of the present on Facebook or Twitter? Could you see him saying #blacklivesmatter #policelivesmatter #alllivesmatter ?
  • what would he have to say about the President’s recent executive orders for new gun control measures? For that matter, what would his feelings be about gun control in light of so many mass shooting incidents across the country and homicides in the inner cities?
  • what would his thoughts be on the refugee crisis, immigration,  and American involvement in the Middle East?
  • would he play Powerball or Mega Millions when the jackpots get really big? (I guessing he wouldn’t, being a preacher…

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