Guest Post: Going to College as a Parent

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend! I hope it isn’t too cold in your city! If it is, please stay warm and safe! Today I have a guest post by fellow blogger and friend, Victoria Fisher-Cuthbert. Please take a look/follow her blog here. You can also follow her on Twitter @victoriaf_c Victoria talks about her life as a mother and non-traditional college student in her early 20’s. 

Going to College as a Parent

By Victoria Fisher-Cuthbert

Naturally, I expected my college experience to involve earning a degree, finding a man and partying hard. I thought my college experience was going to be filled with meeting new experiences and new people. I was looking forward to cramming for a test because I was up late the night before chilling. I dreamed I would enroll at a prestigious university, participate in cool clubs, and look good doing it. College was going to be the best years of my life! I never planned for a husband and a baby!

When I graduated high school, I absolutely knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my husband. All my dreams of single hood, sisterhood and college life were pushed aside. I got married still believing I could balance being a college girl and a wife. Before I applied to any colleges, I found out I was pregnant. What a way to get sidetracked!

Instead of getting disappointed and frustrated, I enjoyed the nine months of my pregnancy and enrolled online at Kaplan University. It was hard to overcome my feelings because I was looking forward to college life. I missed out on typical high school experiences because I was home schooled and I wasn’t eager to do it again! I eventually focused on earning my degree. No matter how I got it, I wanted to have the diploma.

When our daughter was born, another sacrifice was made. It was only a couple weeks after birthing Elizabeth when I realized working toward a law degree and breastfeeding was too much. I could focus on my classes and studies because I was changing, feeding, and cooing over our bundle of joy. I would stress because I never seemed to get enough sleep, time or work done. My entire dream was to become a lawyer, yet in a matter of moments being a mom was better.

I didn’t want to switch majors but something sweeter took priority. The next semester came and I was now a business major. I was nervous about switching because all my life I studied, planned and fantasized about the legal system. I always pictured myself like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. I didn’t know what to expect taking business courses. Not to mention, our daughter was growing, crawling and never sitting still. I wish there was a special potion that enabled Wonder Woman powers to juggle motherhood and college. Sadly, I couldn’t afford to wait for someone to invent it.

My days were filled with Elizabeth and my nights were spent studying. Don’t ask me when I slept because I honestly didn’t. I felt like I constantly played hot potato with my child and my homework. If I wasn’t with Elizabeth, I was sneaking off to the bathroom to read and study. It wouldn’t be long before she realized I left and started crying. I’d make the long walk back downstairs, longing for another free moment to submit an assignment. It wasn’t until a couple of days ago I was informed I would officially graduate December 2016. I didn’t know what to say. With Elizabeth on my hip and phone in hand, I listened to the man explain how wonderful my grades were. He said I was halfway finished with earning my 90 credits. In a matter of months, I would be a degree chick! Well, he didn’t say “degree chick”, I added that.

All the hard work, sacrifice and sleepless nights finally got me closer to earning my degree. It took determination, focus, passion and surprisingly no coffee! Yup, two years of schooling, 12 months of mothering and I haven’t had a single cup of coffee!  I’m so proud of myself for working beyond every obstacle and dirty diaper. I’m happy I didn’t quit just because I became a wife and mother. I’m grateful though it wasn’t my original plan, I still managed to have the family and ambition. As far as my goals, I’m unsure if I want to go further and earn a bachelor degree. I’m pretty tired and don’t know if I want to make the commitment for another two years. I hope this degree will bring me one step closer to my dream job. Overall, I just can’t wait to finish and finally get some sleep.

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