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Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I planned on doing this post awhile back but it didn’t happen. Since things are still changing for me, I’m going to only blog a few days a week. Once everything becomes routine, I’ll be able to start blogging more. As always, thank you for being here! Since cold and flu season is unfortunately here, these home remedies might help you and your loved ones.

Whenever I’ve been sick, my grandmother’s home remedies always come in handy. My grandma’s hot teas helped me get rid of cramps, a sore throat, stomachaches ,etc. Do you have any home remedies you and your family use? Please feel free to share them here!

Hot Cinnamon (canela) tea for cramps- I’m sure you all know which monthly female cramps I’m talking about. This tea is so easy to make! All you need is: A small pot, one cup of boiling water, two to three cinnamon sticks, three teaspoons of sugar, a spoon and a mug. Boil the cinnamon sticks in a small pot of water on top of the oven for 10 minutes. Once it heats up, pour the contents into a strainer. Pour the tea into a mug. Add the sugar and stir it with the spoon.

  Hot Lemon and honey (miel) tea for a sore throat- You’ll need: One cup of water, a small pot, one teaspoon of lemon juice, two teaspoons of honey, one teaspoon of sugar. Boil the ingredients on top of the oven for 10 minutes. Pour into a mug. Add more honey, sugar and lemon if desired. I’m a big fan of honey so I usually add more.

Hot mint tea (yerba buena) a.k.a. the good herb for stomach and body aches- Fresh or dried Yerba buena/mint can usually be found at grocery stores. Both my grandparents and parents grew the herb in their garden for years. I’ve always liked the minty taste and smell it leaves behind. If you don’t want to make the tea, you can chew a couple of the leaves instead. Make sure to wash the leaves first.

If you want to make the tea, you’ll need: A small pot, one cup of water, one cup of fresh or dried yerba buena leaves and two teaspoons of sugar. Boil the water and leaves for 10 minutes. After boiling, pour the mixture into a strainer. Pour the contents into a mug and add the sugar. Stir the sugar into the tea.    

aloe vera

Aloe Vera (sabila) for cuts and burns- Aloe Vera works well on sunburns, small burns from cooking (you know when the oil jumps out of the pan and burns your hand or arm?) scrapes and scratches. Aloe Vera plants are sold at pretty much any gardening store. Cut one of the leaves in half. Rub the clear liquid on your affected area. It will feel cold and gooey.

Vicks- I know this isn’t a homemade remedy, but my family always uses it for colds and coughs. All you have to do is rub it on your back, chest and feet. Wear socks after rubbing it on your feet. Whenever my son gets sick, using Vicks is a must! His illness usually goes away in a couple of days. I love the smell of Vicks!

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  1. I have to laugh…believe it or not…Vicks is in my health directive if I am unconscious someone must rub Vicks in my nose every hour…LOL I live with it everyday….helps keep my allergies in check….kat HOW are you doing??? get moved and organized??? thinking about you….kat

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  2. I guess all you do is drink it when you’re having pains. I don’t know… I’d never heard that before and was just kind of curious if you had. We’ll have to see! 🙂


  3. Yes and no. What I mean is, I find making and drinking any kind of tea quite a calming experience. The cinnamon tea is relaxing, but not especially so. I just like the flavor. 🙂

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  4. Eww! Lol. I wonder why she would make you eat it! The tea helps a lot. I’ve make it whenever I get lose my voice/get a sore throat. It’s bad for me because I have to talk on the phone a lot at work.

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  5. Growing up, we knew that if we had a cold, the Vicks was coming out. My grandmother used to rub it on our noses, throats, chest…and (looks around) made us eat some of it too. Now before anyone goes ham on me for eating Vicks, I was a child! Yes, there are witnesses, my sister had to eat it too! Yet somehow I still stand before you today.

    I also believe in honey lemon tea for a sore throat. I’ve also used hot lemonade for the same purpose (just tea, lemon juice and sugar).

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