Guest Post: Make Everyday a Valentine’s Day


Hi everyone! Today I have a wonderful guest post from my good blogging friend/sister, Erika Kind. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ve probably seen her reblogs and conversations here. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for one of my Saturday Evening Interviews recently. Erika is a successful author with several other accomplishments in life. Erika’s blog has become one of my favorites here! It’a always so positive and uplifting. Please take a look at it here, if you haven’t already. I want to thank Erika for her guest post here on Life of an El Paso Woman. This is a great post that makes you think about love on Valentine’s Day…and everyday! 

Make Everyday a Valentine’s Day

By Erika Kind

It’s Valentine’s Day again. Cards are written and plans are made. Flowers and little presents are given. Words of love are spoken and romance fills the air a little more than on a different day. It is a lovely opportunity to focus on love. We also become aware of the people around us we appreciate and don’t want to miss in our lives. Unfortunately during our daily routines, this sometimes gets lost. The closest ones such as our spouses are the ones that might be neglected most.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a day which should make us realize the people we are blessed with. However, it should make one think why too often it gets completely lost during the year. It hurt me when I was only given flowers on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day from my husband. I told him it was lovely but they don’t mean a lot when it’s only given out of an obligation on those days. I told him I’d rather not get flowers at all on those days. Valentine’s Day made me sad. It reminded me of what I actually did not have but longed for… romance, mindfulness, thoughtfulness. I tried to bring that magic into the relationship but it needs two to make it work. Don’t get me wrong, this is not turning into a complaint.

What I want to say is love is something that’s alive. Love is life and life is in constant motion. Love needs motion too. It is not something we can schedule in our calendar. Love always has to have room in our lives. If there is no room in the day for love, then something goes terribly wrong. Yes, there are times when we are really busy and stressed out. But there must be time for an “I love you”, for a kiss, for little gestures which say “I’m thinking of you.” Today we can send a quick text message… even a little heart would do it. We can send it everyday. I hope nobody labels this as spoiling.

Love is not meant to train the other one. Love is showing what the other person means. Love is the need and desire to show it. Love is the joy of giving and making the other feel good. Love is not about being made happy. It is the happiness itself when the beloved person is happy. This way both always know (not only assume) about the feelings of the other one. This is so important! This is love in vivid motion. Love is inspiring, encouraging and constantly growing from itself. When we stop talking and sharing feelings, this is the point where a path of togetherness starts splitting. The less those two people talk, the more individual the paths become and the less they know where the other one’s path leads. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Maybe it is because they are not interested or unhappy with something. It could be because of a misunderstanding which doesn’t get clarified. It might be because of not talking or not listening or whatever…the outcome is the same. When you love your spouse, show him or her daily at least with some nice words of what they mean to you. Everyday is Valentine’s Day because true love knows no break.

In Love and Light


  1. Beautiful message, Erika… and a great reminder! I’ve been saying something similar for years… you shouldn’t have to wait for a day set aside for gifting to give something wonderful to a loved one 🙂

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  2. Thank you for reading it and your comment! 🙂 A relationship takes work by those involved. If both are willing to work at it, it will be fine!


  3. A great post me and my mate have been talking about this: how to keep our flake going when our relationship gets old. We don’t want the passionate energy tho fizzle and come around once or twice a year. I’ll be showing them this one.

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  4. Thank you very much, Lisa, for granting me this guest post and or granting it on Valentine’s Day! It means a lot to me! Love is my favorite subject to write about. So it could not be any more fitting! 💖
    Whoever reads this: Thank you all so very much for reading and for your appreciated comments! 💖
    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! 💖

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  5. For me – Romantic gestures at any time now – including birthdays and Valentine’s – are so few. If one partner continues to take the other for granted, the neglectful one shouldn’t be surprised if the relationship suffers.

    And, yes, these thoughtful love tokens ought to be daily. If the effort is not put in, how can the intimate relationship grow?

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  6. The sentiments behind Valentine’s Day should be mindful and prevalent every day. Love is eternal, so as one day blends into the next, there should always be love.

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