Pope Mural Causes Commotion in El Paso


This painting/mural was completed just one day after Pope Francis’ departure from Ciudad Juarez. It’s causing quite a commotion here in town. The words on the top say Welcome to Hell Paso. The Franklin Mountains are burning in the background. The painting is outdoors on the wall of Bo-De-Gas Smoke Shop in East El Paso. It was painted by Gabe Vasquez. The mural is getting a lot of shares and attention on Facebook. Vasquez told El Paso’s KVIA: “I tried really hard on this. I poured my soul into this and I really thought outside the box and went outside my comfort zone.” Justin Rojas, the owner of the shop said the mural is no different than seeing a political cartoon in the Sunday newspaper. The mural isn’t expected to be on Bo-De-Gas’ wall permanently. What do you think? 


Photo from Facebook


  1. I don’t see it so much as criticizing the Pope. To me it’s more of a criticism of the entire church. The Pope is just a figure head, not the main culprit. Just like the president is a figure head and not really the brains of the operation.

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  2. Very good point, Erika. I have a lot of respect for Pope Francis. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t really care about this mural. I hadn’t attended mass in years but listening to his mass gave me hope and made me tear up. He means well. He’s a good person and very well-liked by many.

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  3. I am not considering myself as Catholic anymore (for many reasons). But as much as I know is Pope Francis a really good soul. This looks scary and demoniac to me and in my opinion, Pope Francis doesn’t deserve that. If the artist poured his soul into this… seriously, I don’t want to see that soul!

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  4. I think it’s a bit rude even if it is creative. Whoever did that wouldn’t dare it with a Muslim cleric would he? The Pope is not an Ape or A Demon. I really believe in respecting people and this is not respectful to me. Just my point of view.

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