Happy Saturday!

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going well so far! I don’t have any plans for this weekend. This week was pretty long! I cannot believe Pope Francis visited the borderland just three days ago! Listening to his mass gave me hope for Ciudad Juarez and humanity in general. This was an event of a lifetime for me and many others! I’ve come to admire Pope Francis. He’s recently become one of my favorite persons in life. I’ve been reading a lot about him and I’m intrigued every time! Thank you for allowing me to share this experience with you here on Life of an El Paso Woman. Here’s a short one-minute video from his trip to Juarez. Please stay tuned for the Saturday Evening Interview later today. Have a great rest of the day!


  1. I agree with you completely. There are some people who seem to care more about sticking to rules than they do about caring for other people. Pope Francis strikes me as just the opposite. He seems to have taken to heart the true meaning behind the words, “The sabbath was made for man…”

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  2. I think I heard he would be in the borderland in December. I like that he doesn’t judge homosexuals or those who don’t believe in God. He says they should be judged on their character and good deeds in life. I’ve never heard of another pope saying that.

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  3. Ah, you mentioned a few months ago that you would have the chance to see the Pope. I’m glad it came to pass. I’m a bit of a fan of his myself. I can’t say agree with everything he says (and I’m sure he wouldn’t agree with everything I say), but I think he’s a genuinely good and caring person, and that in itself makes him great in my book.

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  4. How timely to see this as I woke thinking about his visit this morning! I was so drawn in to his messages to the prisoners, students, and especially how he addressed the class societal issues of Mexico. I loved his gentleness with his message to move forward. An emotional day!!

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