Tacos from Doggos

Taco plate- Photo from Doggos 

One of my new favorite places to eat in town is Doggos. Not only are their prices more than reasonable, their food is delicious! I try and eat at the raspa (snow cone) stand at least once a month. I’ve always liked the idea of supporting local businesses, especially if they have good food and customer service. I visited Doggos this past Thursday. My new favorite is their taco combo. You get the following for $6.50:

Four tacos of tripitas (small intestines of farm animals, eww), carne asada (grilled, marinated sirloin beef steak), carne de pastor (thin pieces of pork). I always get the carne asada.

A baked potato

Cebolla (fried onions) no thank you, I don’t like onions that much so I skip this.

Three of four different types of red and green salsas

Half of a lime

Half of an avocado (sometimes)

One jalapeno toreado (a lightly cooked jalapeno with cheese in the inside of it with tocino (bacon) wrapped around it)

A can of soda or bottle of water

I think getting all of this food for $6.50 is a GREAT deal! Another favorite comfort food of theirs is an elote en vaso (corn in a cup). The elote comes with Parmesan cheese, butter, lime and Valentina Hot sauce (you don’t have to get any of these items with the corn but this is how I like my elote en vaso). Another favorite is their Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with lots of nacho cheese. This was actually considered a meal for me back in high school! Lol. Doggos also offers different types of hot dogs, nachos, raspas (shaved ice) and tortas (sandwiches). You can check out their Facebook page here. If you’re ever in El Paso, guess where I’m taking you aside from the legendary Chico’s Tacos? 😀 We’ll talk about Chico’s in another post. I’ve mentioned them here before but I’ll give you the history of it soon. Please stay tuned…



  1. It was a lot of food but I ate it all! Lol. But that’s the best part, Sharon! Lol. I’m sure you would like something else they offer like corn in a cup or a snow cone. 🙂

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