We are screwed

Today is Super Tuesday here in the states. I agree with SO much of this post! Texas has 155 Republican delegates and 222 Democratic delegates.


  1. 1Earth, I understand what you mean! I think I’d consider moving to another country if Trump wins, I won’t kill myself though! We unfortunately have to select one of these :/


  2. My Grandfathers immigrated from Europe to be free and still felt their duty to their new country more important than the risks that they might not come back. My Mom and Dad agreed, thus we served without question and my youngest Sons still do. TY so much for your kind words. None of us are perfect, but we must take our responsibilities seriously or we let Evil, in many forms, win.

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  3. I appreciate yours and your family’s service, thank you so much! My grandfather served in Korea too. You bring up some excellent points! I reblogged this post because I agree with his view SO much! They aren’t really good candidates. At the same time, I can see why they aren’t because of what you just mentioned. I appreciate your comment, thank you!

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  4. I can feel your pain, but my WWI & WWII Grandfathers always told me that voting was a freedom earned by blood, not by people sitting home whining over their lousy list of options. Both were POWs in Europe after returning to fight with the Allies. My Dad served in Korea and Vietnam(me, too along with Gulf screw-ups) and told me if you don’t vote, you abdicated your right to complain about any elections. just the way I look at it, but everyone has to make the decisions for themselves. Too many people sat home over the last 20 years and didn’t vote either, no wonder we have the politicians we have now……………. just saying, not criticizing or whining either, retarded, oops retired USMC&USAF georgie

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  5. Good post. If trump wins, i’ll kill myself, Sanders has good intentions… but he’ll run this country fiscally below 3rd world status. We can’t afford socialism at this stage of the game, we need a whole new system. Russia and China are restructuring their economies and monetary system to prepare for the future, and detach from the corrupt US petro-dollar.
    We need real leaders that think outside the box, not 4 more years of crony politics and business as usual.

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  6. I just wanna go hang out on the beach and watch the world go to hell given all of the choices for this election year. It’s all lose-lose as far as I’m concerned.

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