Riverdance in El Paso

The Plaza Theatre in Downtown El Paso Photo from Schuler Shook

Never in my life would I imagine going to a Riverdance performance! To be honest, I thought the singing, dancing and music weren’t my thing. My grandma wanted to go for several years. I finally gave in and took her this afternoon. The tickets were expensive but…I think it’s OK to splurge once in awhile. What really upset me is they gave out a few tickets at work but I had already bought some!

I ended up liking most of the show! The music included instruments such as the drums, violin, saxophone and several other traditional Irish instruments. There were a couple of high-energy drum and violin solos. My favorite part of the show was when the Riverdance tappers battled the Riverdance principal dancers. I included a clip below. The tappers were my favorite dancers. I also enjoyed the Riverdance soloist, a female flamenco dancer.

Before the show, I decided to do some research on Wikipedia and the official Riverdance web site. Riverdance began as a seven-minute dance on Eurovision back in 1994. Eurovision is one of the longest running television programs in Europe. The program began in May 1956. A couple of acts/performances such as Riverdance, ABBA and Celine Dion are some of the most popular acts of all-time. This year’s singing and dance competition is being held in Stockholm, Sweden. The competitors reside in Europe and other countries from around the world. If you’re in the U.S., think of American Idol, The Voice and America’s Got Talent but much larger. I wasn’t familiar with Eurovision until I read a couple of blog posts here on WordPress.

In 1995, Riverdance made its theatrical debut in Dublin. On more than one occasion, it’s been performed in front of the British Royal Family. Around 25 million people worldwide have seen the show at more than 450 venues. Michael Flatley and Jean Butler were part of the original Riverdance cast on Eurovision. After some conflict, Colin Dunne and several other dance companies took over the production.


  1. My daughter is an Irish dance and we are going to see the show at the end of the month. She is so excited. We have never seen it live only on video. Thank you for the review.

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  2. The tap dancing battle and flamenco parts were fun to watch. I wasn’t thrilled with all of of the Irish dancing. Some of them were a little stiff. It was a great experience though! The violin solos were amazing to watch.

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  3. Ha…. I never had expected Riverdance performed like that! Already the videos are fun to watch. I love that constant tapping with the feet which gives that groove and wish to dance along with them. Could you sit still? Must have been a great experience!

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  4. Hi Kat! Thank you for reading my posts! It was cloudy today. It’s supposed to rain on Monday or Tuesday. I hope there’s no wind but it’s inevitable in March and April here. I hope all is going well for you! Take care!


  5. Hey sister, read you other post….I had no Idea Dr. Seuss was that old…I love all his books…I have a huge collection for any future grandbabies I have…if that ever happens…fingers crossed….really enjoyed your interview…she is an interesting woman….and love all the songs….hope you guess miss the wind coming in….suppose to blow up to 30 and high….already battened down all the hatches….enjoy Sunday…kat

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  6. That tap dance video was amazing! I’ve always loved watching people tap dance, from the old Nicholas Brothers in the movies back in the day right up to now.

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