Girls Night Out, etc.


Hi everyone! I hope your day was great! My day was very long today! Starting tomorrow, I’m going to move to another position at my day job. It’s still going to be in the same department with the same boss and pay. From now on, I’ll be in the lobby assisting walk-in customers and taking orders over the phone. I don’t mind interacting with customers in person. It’s always exciting to meet new people. My boss said I looked good in the front one day so she decided to move me. Whatever! Lol.

I had a nice dinner with a very old friend of mine this evening. Eating tacos and catching up on life are always fun things to do with special people in my life. I’ve been friends with her since we were in sixth grade, so about 22 years now! We’ve seen each other grow up, go through a lot, etc. Like a lot of us, she’s been through some hard times but she’s now doing great for herself. She’s in a loving relationship and works as a counselor for children and adults. She’s one of those friends you might not talk to for months but nothing changes. When I finally sit down to talk with her, it’s as if we just spoke last week. It’s rare to find and keep friends like that in your life. We talked about her relationship, what’s been going on in my life, etc. I’m not sure when we’ll get together again but it’s always a great time! I’ve cherished her friendship throughout the years. She always knows when and how to say the right things to me. She doesn’t sugar coat anything I tell her either.

To this day, I still remember several of the memories we’ve shared throughout the years. Some of the memories include: passing notes in class, talking on the phone for hours, the day she married and divorced one of my friends, hanging out in the middle school cafeteria, talking about cute boys in our classes, laughing and talking too much in algebra and English, the time we liked the same boy (it’s not as bad as you think, he’s very much in love with his boyfriend these days) the day she graduated from college with her bachelors then masters, the times she’s cooked for me at her house, watching one of our favorite shows, House, the list goes on and on! I’m sure we’ll continue to be friends until we’re REALLY old! We don’t get to hang out that much because she works a lot. We both know we can text or call one another anytime. I also relearned a great lesson this week. There are still nice people around us at all times! I’m beginning to believe most people are actually nice!

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  1. That is really difficult. I have another best friend in California. We meet very rarely of course and also only text at times. But as you said, these are the friends you don’t see for months but continue where you stopped.

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  2. Thank you Erika! 🙂 That’s good you see your friend at least once a month. I don’t think I’d seen her since last summer because she works a lot. We text here and there though.

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  3. I chuckled when I read about the boy you both liked. Those friends we keep for a lifetime. What a wonderful story. I hear you completely, Lisa. My best friend and I know each other for 34 years. We went to school together and even worked at the same place for quite some time. She moved away for a few years and the contact was almost 0. But about 12 – 13 years ago we started meeting ag least once a month and going out for dinner. We live closer today and we have been there for one another. She knows all of me and she still is my best friend… lol!

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  4. Good for you! I hope you have a good Friday! And yes, there are nice people in the world. I even know a few of them 🙂

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