Book Review: 101 Kind Quotes

Erika Kind’s 101 Kind Quotes was a perfect read for me this weekend. Several of her quotes gave me a new outlook on life. If you follow Erika’s blog, you’ll know she’s always hopeful and positive. Besides offering advice, Erika has a daily quote, song and poetry on her blog. This is Erika’s fifth published book. Her book also includes beautiful photos throughout. A few of my favorite quotes from 101 Kind Quotes include:

“The closing of one door is only caused by the puff of air from another door that opened up.”

“Our footsteps show where we started but they don’t define the journey.”

“Let’s move forward consciously! The light is always in front of us, never behind!”

“The harder the lesson, the bigger the growth!”

“The only constant thing in life is change!”

Erika’s 101 Kind Quotes, along with her other books are available for purchase on Aside from blogging and writing, Erika is a singer and song producer. She also runs a practice for physical and energetic healing methods. She resides in the Principality of Liechtenstein with her family. You can take a look/follow her blog at: She can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook. Erika has guest posted and been interviewed here on Life of an El Paso Woman. I’m so happy to call Erika a fellow blogger and amiga! I’ve learned so much from the countless advice and wisdom she’s offered me. If you feel like being cheered up and learning a thing or two, you won’t be disappointed with 101 Kind Quotes. The book makes a great gift for a family member or friend. Me and my grandparents read the book in under an hour. After my grandparents read it, they immediately became excited and happy! The book is great for people of all ages.


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