Saturday Song 3-26-16

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re having a good weekend! Since tomorrow is Easter, I’m keeping the songs smooth and easy here. Today I’m featuring Laura Pausini, along with two duets she’s sang with Andrea Bocelli and Marc Anthony. Her duet with Andrea Bocelli, Dare to Live, is sang in English and Italian. The song is about forgetting the past and living life to the fullest in the present.I heard of Laura Pausini back in 1993 with the song below. Se Fue (He Left) was first sang in Italian then Spanish. I included the version in Spanish. Laura Pausini began her singing career in Italian. She also sings in French, Portuguese and Catalan.

Se Fue is a breakup song. The song is about her ex no longer answering her phone calls and the scent of his hair. What else usually happens a lot during a breakup? Lots of lagrimas or tears. Pausini’s duet with Marc Anthony has a salsa sound to it. It was released in 2014. Even though I like her duet with Marc Anthony, I prefer her solo version. What do you think? Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone! I will be back with a Saturday Evening Interview.


  1. She is new to me. I love that first song a lot! It gave me goosebumps… all the music, the message… wonderful! And I like Andrea Bocelli! I too like the solo version of the second song a lot more!

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  2. Bocelli could make the phone book sound good. In fact all the singers you have featured here could do well singing the phone book. Lovely choices, Lisa.

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