The Prom & Other Dances

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good Monday! I didn’t go to work again because I’m still not feeling well. I’m going back tomorrow! I don’t think I could bear to watch another second of Divorce Court and Judge Mathis anymore. Lol. As I was resting in bed this afternoon, I started thinking about the past. I started thinking about the times I attended my middle and high school dances/proms. I had a lot of fun at these dances. I had fun dancing to silly songs like Whoomp! There It IsMacarena, The Magic Carpet Ride, Tootsie Roll and other songs in Spanish. I even remember dancing to slower songs. The memories came up after me and Tracy from A Joyful Process started talking about one-hit wonders. I started sharing these and other songs from middle school in his blog. You can check out the post and comments here.

My middle school dances were always held in the school’s cafeteria. Me and my friend, Kathleen usually went together. We’d meet some of our other friends and boys from our classes there. Me and Kathleen are still friends. I actually met a couple of boyfriends at those silly dances. The best part was dancing to the songs I mentioned. We also enjoyed eating snacks like popcorn with hot sauce, pickles and snow cones. Even though I hated going to Slider Middle School for several reasons, eating lunch and attending the dances were always the best parts. These were times when we could break free from class and have a good time after school. I don’t think I liked middle school because I was always getting into fights. Even though I got into a few fights in high school, I got into more in middle school.

Although going to the prom seems like it was a dumb idea today, it really wasn’t. I didn’t have a date my junior year but I still went with some girl friends. I don’t remember what really happened at the junior prom. I had a date for my senior prom. My date was my boyfriend for three years in high school and a semester in college. I don’t remember which songs we danced to. I only remember the songs we danced to in middle school. If you’re parents to high school students, I hope you let your kids experience the prom. Whether it’s a fun event or not, everyone should be allowed to attend and experience it for themselves. How about you? Did you attend any of your school dances and/or proms? If so, what was it like? Do you remember what songs were popular at the time?


  1. There was one, a Commemoration Ball, where all the girls came with dates… I didn’t to do dates… I was a good Indian girl 😉 so I didn’t go!!
    (Made up for it at university though!!!)

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  2. I went to my local skating rink for dances a lot during middle school as well as the dances at my middle school. In high school I only went to homecoming. I didn’t want to go to prom because I never had a date and was embarrassed by that.


  3. Thanks for the shout out! And I’m glad to see that you didn’t post the song I’m picking for tomorrow.

    What happened? re: dancing? LOL

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  4. My high school prom? The reason I’ll never be able to run for public office. I’m sure the photographs would surface!

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