Where in the World…?


Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Today I enjoyed learning more about fellow blogger and friend, Ritu’s culture and heritage. You can take a look at her interesting post here. I’ve always been interested in learning about different cultures and backgrounds. I decided to participate in Ritu’s challenge by doing this post. Here’s a little bit of who I am and how to play along if you’re interested! I included as much as I know about me and my family. If you participate, please be sure and link back to Ritu’s post. 

  • Write a post and link it back to Ritu’s original post. Tell her about where you are from. She will share your post on her blog, But I Smile Anyway.
  • Title your post “Where In The World…?” Feel free to use her world photo above.

Here’s my Story (well as much as I know about it anyway)

I was born and raised in El Paso,Texas. My mom’s parents were also born and raised in El Paso.  I also have family from Chihuahua/Ciudad, Juarez, Mexico. My maternal great grandparents were from Michoacán and Durango, Mexico. Some of my other ancestors were also from other cities in Mexico and Spain. Some were also of Jewish descent. There’s also a little bit of Native American blood in there somewhere.


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