Meet Kristian Andrew Sather: A Comic-Con Teacher, Artist, Singer, Actor

Kristian Andrew Sather

Hi everyone! We’re still three months away from San Diego’s popular Comic-Con International but I want to introduce you to Kristian Andrew Sather. I interviewed Mr. Sather at the beginning of March. Since I included several posts about Women’s History Month last month, I decided to save his interview for this month. Me and Mr. Sather met on Twitter in January. Mr. Sather asked if I’d be willing to interview him and I said yes! Mr. Sather teaches cartooning workshops at Comic-Con. He also sings and acts. Please help me welcome Mr. Sather to Life of an El Paso Woman!  

ME: I know you work at Comic Con in California. Can you tell me more about this? How long have you been working there? I teach cartooning workshops at Comic-Con in San Diego and at WonderCon (which is now in Los Angeles and was previously held in Anaheim, CA). The workshop at both locations is entitled, “Cartoon Design for Creative Kids.” I have been teaching these workshops for 5 (five) years consecutively and intermittently for over 10 years prior as the “Kids Can Draw Cartoons!” workshop.

ME: Tell me about a great experience at Comic-Con. How about in your life?
Regarding an experience at Comic-Con: During one of the workshops, after each and every cartoon character I would demonstrate how to draw, there was a warm round of applause from those in attendance. This was quite a hospitable and welcoming gesture from the students. And quite a surprise!

Regarding an experience in my life: On several trips to Arizona, we would stop at the Grand Canyon. The natural beauty of just this one location is awe inspiring, an artist’s delight. We became friends with a family from Arizona. One of the sons of this family lived in Arizona most of his life. Incredibly, he had never been to the Grand Canyon, even though he lived just over an hour away. After he told me that he would like to go see it, that same morning we were off on our journey. When we arrived, this man was so grateful, so at awe with what he was seeing, there was a smile on my face from ear to ear, just as there is now as I relate this experience and recall his joy.

Some of Mr. Sather’s work

ME: Living in California, I’m sure you’ve met a lot of important people. Who have you come in contact with? Roger Armstrong. Water colorist. Cartoonist. Roger was the cartoonist for so many comic books and comic strips over several decades, including “Scamp“, “Bugs Bunny“, “Little Lulu“, “H.R. Pufnstuf“, “Napoleon and Uncle Elby“, “The Flintstones“, and “Ella Cinders.”  We first met at one of his cartooning classes at the Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, CA. Roger was a very warm, personable, and kind man.

Marilyn Sotto-Erdmann. Costume Designer. Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World. We first met in Laguna Beach, CA and were introduced by her husband, architect John Erdmann. Both Marilyn and John were very, very hospitable towards me. They would kindly relate their experiences regarding the art and design world and on more than one occasion, even invited me to dinner and a screening of one of the films that Marilyn worked on as costume designer. Marilyn would have insightful anecdotes to tell as the screenings ran. Here is a link to the article, “An Unsung Disney Heroine” for more about Marilyn Sotto-Erdmann:

ME: How would you describe yourself in one word and why?
Artistic. Why? There isn’t one aspect of art that I find myself confined to. Cartooning, singing, songwriting, acting, writing. Yes, artistic.

ME: Who do you look up to in life and why?
The Almighty God, Jehovah. Why? Without Him, I would not be writing the answers to these questions. I simply would not be.

ME: Tell me more about your acting and singing career?
As an actor I am able to empathize with others by performing their qualities as I observe them. As a singer, I am able to express my emotions through song. It has been a rewarding experience to have my albums, “Future Fantastique!” and “Sans Borders” appear on iTunes and Amazon, as well as on Spotify. The creative outlets of acting and singing are not only a way to employment, but also a refreshing way to escape the everyday.

ME: How about your drawings?
Similar to my acting and singing, drawing (especially drawing cartoons) allows freedom of expression. With cartoons, anything is possible. Stretching the boundaries of traditional art and drawing, cartooning is surreal and avant-garde. I find this particular art to be relaxing and joyous. It really, truly is a fantastic way to find joy. Cartooning just makes sense to me. It is also a very quick read. When a person sees a cartoon, the simplification of human and animal anatomy is easily identifiable. It’s a sort of shorthand.

ME: Which do you like most out of all of the things you do and why?
Well, there are wonderful qualities in all of them. CARTOONING is Super Fantastic! Lately however, I seem to gravitate towards ACTING, more than anything else. Why? When I am in character and in the “zone” of acting, there’s a certain type of immediacy that takes place. It’s a “REACTING” that occurs. A responding. A responding to something that takes place at that moment. This is evident when in a scene with another actor. Sometimes, there is a response, a line of dialogue that is said, words spoken that are not in the “sides” or script. This is when an actor is very familiar with the character, has done enough research about the character, when a proper response is immediate, when no thought of what action to take or what words to say is needed. This “zone” is quite something. It could be considered Improvisation. After a scene has taken place, thinking about what has just occurred is wonderfully refreshing.

ME: How long have you been drawing, acting and singing?
I have been drawing for over 20 (twenty) years professionally. I have been acting and singing for 3 (three) years professionally.

Mr. Sather’s book, Cartoon Design Revealed

ME: I know you also have a book out. Tell us more about it. Where can it be purchased?
Yes. The title of my book is, “Cartoon Design Revealed.” This book was in development for over 2 (two) years. The book is based on instruction from my cartooning workshops at Comic-Con International: San Diego and at WonderCon. In the book, students learn how to draw and design cartoons using very basic geometric shapes and other simple elements. Students can easily, freely, intuitively, instinctively, naturally design cartoon characters using circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles in various sizes.

“Cartoon Design Revealed” is available worldwide. Here are two outlets where my book can be purchased:, (Barnes & Noble), Amazon sells a Hardcover Edition and a Kindle Edition.

Here’s the direct link to the Kindle Edition:

ME: Tell us more about your blog.
My blog is a web space where I write about art, cartooning, and music. Lately, I have been utilizing Twitter more than my blog, however.

ME: Where can people find out more info. about you?
My Amazon Author Page. Here’s the link:

In addition, try my Twitter handle: @KristianSather    I tweet and respond to tweets, pretty much everyday.

ME: What are you planning on doing in the near future?
First and foremost, there’s a wonderful ministry that I have the privilege of working in. After that, and if God wills, more music, acting, and cartooning.

It’s interesting that you’re asking me this question at this time, because, I have a new music single due in March 2016. I’ll be conducting the workshop, “Cartoon Design for Creative Kids” at WonderCon in Los Angeles at the end of March 2016. And, I’m being considered for a couple of projects as an actor in March 2016.

ME: What advice do you have for those who want to go into show business?
The best solution isn’t always right in front of you. Talk about it. Pray about it. Make sure. There’s a lot of unsavory aspects to “show business.” There’s some very nice aspects as well. This isn’t for everyone. “Show business” really is a business. Treat it like one. Learn the “Business of the Biz.” Become a Pro. Don’t get sidetracked into the unsavory aspects. Stay focused. Make sure of the more important things. Think twice before “acting” once.

ME: Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you Lisa for the opportunity to be interviewed by you.

More of Mr. Sather’s work. All photos courtesy of Mr. Sather.


  1. Thank you! I agree with you on the artistic part. I’m still surprised he wanted to do an interview here! Lol. I’m usually the one who asks for interviews not the other way around. Thanks for checking it out!

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